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Chronic Disease Prevention and Health PromotionAlaska Cancer Partnership

Alaska Cancer Partnership

The Alaska Cancer Partnership is a group of organizations and individuals working to bring resources and expertise together to address the continuum of cancer prevention and control in Alaska. In a recent Partnership survey, participants represented a diversity of organizations and roles:

Organizational sectors:
  • 55% Healthcare
  • 16% Nonprofit
  • 14% Government program
  • 10% Individual/volunteer
  • 6% School/university

Organizational roles:
  • 33% Program Manager
  • 16% Direct services provider
  • 12% Administrative leadership
  • 6% Researcher
  • 2% Government/legislative
  • Others are individuals, technicians, educators

Structure & Funding

The organizational structure of the Alaska Cancer Partnership includes a Steering Committee, Priority Area Workgroups, and approximately 200 stakeholders. The CDC funds and supports the Partnership as Alaska’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. We are one of 65 state, tribal, and territorial programs participating in the national CDC program, the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. (See the Alaska Cancer Partnership Organizational Chart).


In 2003, the Alaska Division of Public Health was awarded a Planning Grant from the CDC to develop Alaska’s first Cancer Plan. In 2007, an Implementation Grant was awarded to form a Cancer Control Program and Coalition (what is now the Alaska Cancer Partnership). In 2017, the Program was funded for another five-year cycle through 2022.

Communication & Participation

The Partnership communicates through regular in-person and virtual Work Group meetings, an annual in-person full partnership meeting, and an active email listserv ( Partner activities are amplified through our Facebook page,


The Partnership is a forum for like-minded organizations to take collective action. Through group consensus, the Partnership determines common priorities, prevents overlap, maximizes resources, and evaluates impact. The Alaska Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan guides its priorities and is updated every five years by the Partnership. Recent activities include community-based interventions to increase uptake of HPV vaccination, participating in the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, and organizing an annual Cancer Survivorship Conference.


For more information, contact the Partnership Manager: