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Alaska Food Policy Council

Alaska Food Policy Council 


The Alaska Food Policy Council (AFPC) improves our food systems for the benefit of all Alaskans.


Healthy, secure food systems that feed all Alaskans.

The Alaska Food Policy Council works to strengthen Alaska’s food systems to spur local economic development, increase food security, and improve nutrition and health. The Alaska Food Policy Council serves as a resource for information on local and state food systems, and works to identify and propose policy and environmental changes that can improve the production, processing, distribution, health, security and safety of our food.


The Alaska Food Policy Council (AFPC) is open to anyone interested in improving Alaska’s food systems. Join the AFPC listserv.

PAN-AFPC Documents

The Alaska PAN (Physical Activity and Nutrition) partners with the Alaska Food Policy Council to support research and projects to provide greater insight into Alaska’s food system.

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