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Alaska Office of Rural Health


The State Offices of Rural Health (SORH) Program helps strengthen rural health care delivery systems by creating a focal point for rural health activities in the State.


The State Office of Rural Health collects and disseminates rural health care information and data; is engaged in health care provider recruitment and retention; provides technical assistance to rural providers, hospital and communities; and coordinates rural health policy analysis.

Program Expectations/Goals

  • Collect and disseminate information.
  • Coordinate rural health resources and activities Statewide.
  • Provide technical assistance to rural health organizations and providers.
  • Encourage recruitment and retention of health professional in shortage areas and rural communities.
  • Participate in strengthening State, local and Federal partnerships.


  • Maintain a clearinghouse for collecting and disseminating information on rural health care issues.
  • Disseminate information concerning rural health issues to appropriate rural practitioners, rural health care providers and others.
  • Coordinate activities that relate to rural health care including facilitating collaboration to avoid duplication.
  • Identify Federal/State non-governmental programs addressing rural health and provide technical assistance to public and nonprofit private entities and rural communities about program participation requirements.
  • Provide health system infrastructure support.
  • Support the recruitment and retention of health professionals to serve in rural areas.
  • Influence and develop health related policies through inter-organizational collaboration.



Tricia Franklin
phone: 907-269-3445 ​​