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Think. Test. Treat. TB Alaska
Tuberculosis (TB)


This film provides a history of tuberculosis infection, chemotherapy aides, and treatment in the region of Bethel, in southwestern Alaska. It serves to educate communities in the region and a call to action to continue screening efforts and get tested, as well as complete LTBI treatment to prevent further cases of active TB.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious infectious disease caused by bacteria. It is preventable and curable.

The goal of the Alaska Tuberculosis (TB) Program is the eventual elimination of TB from Alaska.

The Alaska TB Program:

  • provides medications for persons with active TB disease
  • helps to ensure that all persons with TB infection or disease are on appropriate regimens
  • assists with the monitoring and case management of persons on therapy for TB infection or disease
  • assists with the identification of persons exposed to TB
  • provides consultations to providers, public health nurses, and the public
  • provides TB education and outreach to partners throughout the state

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