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The Pregnancy Risk-Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is a survey of mothers of newborns that has been on-going in Alaska since 1990. PRAMS is a collaborative project between CDC and the Alaska Division of Public Health. It collects information about behaviors and circumstances of Alaskan mothers and their infants surrounding the pregnancy and postpartum period. Sampled mothers are asked to participate by mail. Phone interviews are attempted with women who do not respond by mail. Outside of what Vital Records can provide, PRAMS is the premier source of population-based data on maternal and infant issues for Alaska. Unintended births, breastfeeding, domestic violence, prenatal substance use, and depression are some of the topics covered in PRAMS.

Alaska PRAMS data are currently available upon request:

Data sheets of popular static indicators are available on the CDC PRAMS website:


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Customizable query application of Alaska PRAMS data.  Please check back for updates.
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