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Advice for Moms

Here are some comments received from Alaskan mothers who recently had a baby and responded to the PRAMS survey. They wanted to share ideas and insight with other women, mothers, or expectant mothers. (These are direct quotes.)

"I would highly recommend to the mothers to take a parenting class. It benefits everyone in the family."

"I think every mother to be should eat right."

"My suggestion is that mothers do there (sic) very best to stay mentally healthy. It will make the pregnancy a lot easier. Being pregnant is very hard & the healthier you are, mentally the less stress you & your unborn child will feel."

"Please do not drink or use drugs during & after pregnancy!"

"I wish that mothers in Alaska wouldn't smoke or drink. If they can participate more in parenting classes it would be helpful to them."

"I see a lot of mothers drinking and doing drugs while pregnant. To me that's sad. I think a lot of Alaska's children would have a better chance at life if mothers knew the risks of drugs & the effects on their unborn babies. They just need to stop and actually take time to listen."

"I believe that it is important for women to take good care of themselves to insure healthier families. Most families don't function well with a sick mother. Families with sober moms tend to have a good healthy attitude."

"Healthy diet, lot of water to drink, exercise, plenty of rest is good for every pregnant women definitely no cigarettes & alcohol drinks before even after. I highly recommend breast feeding (is the best, easy)."

"Stay away from alcohol and drugs and always take your vitamins, especially iron."

"You just got to take good care of yourself cause your baby's life inside depends on you."

"Make sure your partner is stable with you. Be careful, don't have an abortion."

"Don't drink & use drugs!! Don't for the health of you & your baby!"

"In my opinion if a woman is pregnant she should lead a healthy lifestyle to be setting a good example for her unborn child. If this is not possible steps should be taken to ensure that the child will grow up in a safe environment. These children are our future they should live to see it. Thanks."

"I think any woman who wants a baby should be in a stable loving relationship for a while before she even thinks about getting pregnant so maybe there won't be any problems."

"Please don't smoke cigarettes because your baby may have a low birth weight. Read the surgeon general's warning of your cigarette back."

"I would just like to tell mothers not to drink or smoke."

"Eat 3 meals a day plus snacks during the day. Don't drink alcohol while your (sic) pregnant, or not being pregnant. Take extra special care of your babies, keep them clean, bathe them every other day or two. Don't let your babies or yourself miss any kind of appointments. Be sure your babies don't miss their immunization shots. Bring your babies to your local health clinic right away if they have a fever or any kind of sickness. Let your babies play with other babies. Teach your babies what's good or bad. Mothers to take breaks and to love their babies."