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​​Facilities Section

The Facilities Section is responsible for:

  • Compiling the Department’s capital budget requests;
  • Legislative understanding of the Department’s capital budget;
  • Managing capital funding appropriated by the legislature;
  • Planning, Design, and construction of all new DHSS facilities;
  • Managing all in-house construction contracts;
  • Overseeing all construction contracts managed by Department of Transportation and Public for Department of Health–owned facilities;
  • Monitoring the condition of all Department-owned facilities and record keeping of renovation, renewal, or replacement needs;
  • Managing all capital equipment, information technology, and planning projects for the Department;
  • Prioritizing facility needs and preparing budget requests for them;
  • Department’s safety program;
  • Awarding Department of Health capital grants through a sole source or a competitive process
  • Administering all Department of Health capital grants.

The Facilities Section assists divisions by

  • Preparing cost estimates for division capital budget requested projects;
  • Informing divisions of how much money is available for their projects;
  • Working with divisions to develop scope of construction projects and to minimize disruption of work in facility during any construction work;
  • Analyzing facility problems identified by divisions and incorporating them into the records of renovation, renewal, or replacement needs;

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Amy Burke  
State of Alaska
Department of Health
Finance & Management Services
Facilities Section
240 Main Street, Suite 502
POB 110650
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0650


Telephone: 907-465-1624
Fax: 907-465-8678

Telephone: 907-269-7812