Peer Power

Peer Power is a non-profit peer organization for people who experience developmental or intellectual disabilities that educates, promotes, and advances the empowerment of self-advocates. The group helps self-advocates become empowered by working on issues such as employment, self-advocate mentoring, funding resources, and raising disability awareness throughout the community.

The group is comprised of elected board members, all of whom have an intellectual or developmental disability. The board members are also area regional representatives throughout the state of Alaska. Meetings are held monthly at the Governor's Council office, and via statewide teleconference.

Peer Power is supported by the Governor's Council in conjunction with the Center for Human Development, and the Disability Law Center.

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People First Language. What words define you? The color of your skin or hair? Your age? Your weight? Of course not. When words alone define a person, the result is a label — a label that often reinforces barriers created by negative and stereotypical attitudes. Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.