Alaska Early Childhood Coordinating Council (AECCC)


The purpose of the Alaska Early Childhood Coordinating Council (AECCC) is to promote positive development, improved health outcomes, and school readiness for children prenatal through age eight by creating a culturally responsive, comprehensive, and accessible service delivery system that links service providers, empowers families, and engages communities. The AECCC shall support the creation of a unified, sustainable system of early care, health, education, and family support for young children and their families.

The AECCC will facilitate the integration and alignment of services, planning efforts, resources, policy development, and funding as well as establish connections between health, mental health, education and family support systems and public and private partners.

AECCC Chairs

The Council is co-chaired by Michael Johnson, Ph.D., Commissioner from the Department of Education and Early Development and Adam Crum, Commissioner from the Department of Health & Social Services.

Michael Johnson Ph.D., Commissioner  Adam Crum, Commissioner

AECCC Public Meetings

The AECCC meets at least quarterly.  Please go to the State of Alaska, Online Public Notices to find the next scheduled meeting.

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