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​​First Responder Assistance

If you’re feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping, depressed, need help coping, or just want to talk to someone about your day, please call 988.


Who it’s for

  • First responders – including EMTs, doctors, nurses, health aids, social workers, CNAs and others working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Other hospital and facility staff – such as respiratory therapists, those working in dietary services, facilities/maintenance and admitting are also welcome to contact this new support service.
  • Immediate family members of first responders – those who may need help for a variety of behavioral health issues, and hard to label emotions, as a result of their loved one engaging on the front lines

How it helps

  • Someone to talk with about your shift, day or week
  • Immediate behavioral health support
  • Referrals to behavioral health services and supports in Alaska, available upon request
  • Referrals to practical supports, such as housing assistance, food and other items