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Research and Systems

I. Research & Analysis

“The purpose of planning policy is to fuse thought with action.”

-Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Behavioral Health Systems and Policy Section serves as a resource for the Division of Behavioral Health - undertaking broad analytical studies and providing recommendations and alternative courses of action. The focus of activities may include regional and functional issues related to identifying gaps in policy, and initiating policy planning and formulation. Activities may include: collect and analyze data (costs and projections, cost containment), research information and policy proposals; identify emerging needs and issues and develop strategic plans; recommend and implement improvements to public policy actions through legislation, policies, plans and programs.

II. Behavioral Health Systems & Policy

The Behavioral Health Systems & Policy Section staff engages in activities related to the development, definition and articulation, writing, monitoring and updating of statewide policies, procedures and regulations for areas identified. The focus of activities may include identifying and communicating State interests in response to federal legislation, regulation and policy implementation.

The Behavioral Health Systems & Policy Section acts as a liaison with counterparts from other state and non state participants/stakeholders, including the Planning Boards, The Mental Health Trust Authority, provider, and stakeholder groups on matters relevant to state and division policy and to ensure that public opinion informs the policy formulation process, and to ensure coordination and integration of policy with longer-term objectives. The Behavioral Health Systems & Policy Section assists in the continuity of communication of DBH’s position on policy and planning potentially reflected in formal division communications.

III. Financial-Economic Reporting & Planning

The Behavioral Health Systems & Policy Section evaluates funding capacities for DBH initiatives, from any source (Medicaid, grants, fee-for-service); analyzes national and statewide trends regarding system use and cost containment strategies (ex. performance improvement, capitation, waivers); provides financial information and projections necessary to effectively predict outcomes of planned strategies; articulates with program effectiveness data to inform planning process.