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Suicide Prevention Homepage

Alaska Suicide Prevention Materials

The state suicide prevention program produces suicide prevention materials, and regularly works with nonprofit and community partners to distribute them and promote suicide prevention.
If you would like to order some of these materials, please download and follow the instructions on our Suicide Prevention Materials order form. Please indicate which you want, and give an amount, a contact name and number, and a mailing address.
The files for the brochures and the postvention guide can also be printed from a home or office printer. 

For Individuals:

Brochure:  Coping with Losing Someone to Suicide

Has contact information for support resources, general information on coping and some things to keep in mind.

Brochure: Supporting someone after self-harm or a suicide attempt

Has resources and helpful information that aids with support or recovery of a self-harm or suicide attempt.

Brochure: Coping with Sudden Traumatic Loss (Anchorage)
Brochure: Coping with Sudden Traumatic Loss (Statewide)​

For any sudden loss, such as a death to an accident, violence or self-harm. Has contact information for grief support resources, and general information. ​

Brochure: Careline Suicide Prevention

Warning signs, how to support someone, and information on Careline and suicide in Alaska.

Brochure: Careline Loss and Healing

Information on grieving and Careline.
Wallet-sized Cards:
Wallet-size cards with Careline, Alaska’s suicide prevention and someone-to-talk-to line, in a variety of designs.

​​​​ ​​
Careline Cards (General) Careline Cards
Careline ASK Cards
Careline You're Cared About Cards
​Careline ASK Cards
​Careline You're Cared About Cards

For Communities:

Alaska Postvention Guide: Preparing to Heal ​
2020 Planning guide:
Alaska Suicide Postvention Guide: Preparing to Heal

Step-by-step help for communities on how to be ready to respond in case of a suicide. Postvention minimizes the risk of additional attempts, and supports healing. Sections for schools, families, funeral speakers, clergy on how to speak safely about suicide and more.

Alaska Postvention DVD: Helping Communities to Heal is a thoughtfully developed DVD narrated by Andrea Gusty, that serves as a compliment to the Alaska Postvention Guide and provides step by step information that is easy to navigate with easy to follow text, graphics and interviews with Alaskans who offer sound advice and best practices in response to a suicide.