Nome Children's Home

The Nome Children’s Home is a ten bed licensed Level II facility in wonderful Nome, Alaska.  Children from one month to those not having exceeded their eighteenth birthdays are welcome to live in this two bedroom home with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, large living room, private study space, and great views of the city and Bering Sea.  Located in a convenient area adjacent to a playground, the beach, a public school bus stop, and the Nome Boys and Girls Club, the Nome Children's Home offers quick and appropriate access to recreational and educational opportunities to youth living in the home.

The Nome Children's Home staff members serve youth under the following philosophy: residents in the home deserve and will be afforded a wealth of activities, structures, team-building opportunities, family visitations, social functions, and life skills development. In short, staff members are not babysitters, but, instead, "youth engagers."  For the duration of a child's stay, he or she will have access to a positive and enriching environment fostering the development and attention needed to enter a stable and rewarding permanent placement.  This is, after all, the mission of the Nome Children's Home.  

The children referred to NCH may be in crisis due to recent disclosure of abuse, neglect, or commission of a delinquent act and may be in further distress due to displacement issues. NCH staff members are responsible for assisting with and resolving any crises; seeing to the child’s continued education; engaging the child through social and recreational opportunities; and assisting in the planning for the child's return home or placement in alternative care.

House Details:
​   Nome Children's Home
P O Box 98

Nome, Alaska 99762
Type of House:
Residential Child Care Treatment Facility
Care level :
Age Range :
Gender(s) :
Beds :
Staff to Client Ratio :
Length of stay :
90 days
Contact Information:
Veronica Alviso, Director of Nome Children's Home
Nome Community Center
P.O. Box 98
Nome, Alaska 99762
907-443-6572 (w)
907-443-2990 (fax)