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Adolescent Health Public Health Services

The health and well-being of all age groups is important, however, the developmental nature of adolescence makes focusing on this population of particular importance.

Ten Essential Public Health Services to Promote Adolescent Health

  • Monitoring and assessing adolescent health status to identify and address adolescent needs, as well as opportunities for health promotion.
  • Diagnosing and investigating health problems and hazards, as well as related individual, family and community risk and resiliency factors, affecting adolescents.
  • Informing and educating families, youth and the general public about adolescent health and development issues.
  • Mobilizing community partnerships among policy makers, health care providers, youth, families, the general public and others to identify and address adolescent health issues.
  • Providing leadership for priority-setting, planning and policy development to support community efforts that promote and maximize the health of adolescents.
  • Promoting and enforcing legal requirements that promote and protect the health and safety of youth and ensure public accountability for their well-being.
  • Linking youth and their families to health and other community services, and assuring access to comprehensive, quality systems of preventive, primary and specialty care.
  • Assuring the capacity and competency of the public health and personal health workforce to effectively address adolescent health, developmental needs and the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Evaluating the accessibility, quality and effectiveness of personal and population-based adolescent health services for youth with the full range of typical and special needs.
  • Supporting research, demonstrations and related evaluations that develop new insights and approaches to promoting and addressing adolescent health and development.

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