HIV Program

HIV Program Components

  • HIV/AIDS case surveillance to monitor trends in the epidemic and help guide prevention and treatment programs;
  • Assistance to affected individuals and their providers with partner notification services;
  • Continuing education and technical assistance related to HIV/AIDS among medical, other health, and social service providers, as well as for educators;
  • Information and policy guidance for health, social service, educational, and other organizations, as well as for the general public, in areas related to HIV and AIDS; and
  • Funding for priority HIV prevention and care services.

HIV Surveillance

The HIV/AIDS Program tracks HIV/AIDS cases throughout the state. Program staff investigate newly reported cases and assist patients and providers with partner notification services.

HIV/AIDS Care Services

Care services for individuals livings with HIV/AIDS are funded through the HIV/STD Program are overseen by the following organizations:

Services provided by or funded through these organizations include case management, education, counseling, advocacy, and funding for other outpatient medical, laboratory, dental, mental health and supportive services, as well as prescribed HIV-related medications. See the HIV/AIDS resource sheet for more details.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The HIV/AIDS oversees the state's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), providing HIV-related medications for eligible HIV-infected individuals statewide. ADAP benefits are directly administered by the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association and the Interior AIDS Association.

HIV Prevention Activities

The State funds a number of agencies statewide to conduct HIV prevention activities, including HIV testing in non-clinical settings.

The following organizations have been funded to conduct HIV prevention activities from FY2018-FY2021:

  • Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association
  • Interior AIDS Association
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Municipality of Anchorage

Education and Technical Assistance

The State provides education and technical assistance around HIV/AIDS issues to educators, medical and social services providers. This information may be provided one on one or in a formal training session. Contact us at (907) 269-8000 for additional information on accessing HIV/STD education and technial assistance services. 

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