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HIV Components & Activities

HIV Surveillance

HIV/STD program staff tracks new to state and newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases throughout the state. Program staff investigate newly reported cases and assist patients and providers with partner notification services.

HIV/AIDS Care Services

Care services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS are funded through the CDC’s Ryan White Program by way of the HIV/STD Program and are overseen by the following organizations:
Services provided by, or funded, through these organizations include case management, education, counseling, advocacy, and funding for outpatient medical, laboratory, dental, mental health, and supportive services, as well as prescribed HIV-related medications.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The HIV/STD Program oversees Alaska’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) with funding from HRSA’s Ryan White Program, which provides HIV-related prescription medications to low-income patients living with HIV who have limited or no prescription drug coverage. ADAP benefits are directly administered by the Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association and the Interior AIDS Association.

HIV Prevention Activities

The HIV/STD Program provides funding for multiple agencies statewide to conduct HIV prevention activities, including HIV testing in non-clinical settings.
The following organizations have been funded to conduct HIV prevention activities from FY2018-2023:

Additionally, HIV prevention staff provide education and technical assistance around HIV best practices to educators, medical staff, and social service providers through the course "Fundamentals of HIV Prevention, Testing, and Counseling." This course is provided in a formal, one-day training session. Contact Taylor Holsinger at 907-269-5221 for additional information or for HIV prevention technical assistance.