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Sexually Transmitted Disease Components & Activities

STD Program components

  • STD case surveillance to monitor trends in syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and detect potential outbreaks;
  • consultation on laboratory and medical aspects of diagnosis and treatment;
  • direct assistance to providers in outbreak situations;
  • assistance to affected individuals and their sexual partners, as well as to their health care providers, with partner notification and access to STD treatment;
  • sponsoring, with the Northwest STD Prevention Training Center and other agencies, continuing medical education opportunities related to STD;
  • funding for laboratory services related to infertility prevention;
  • training for health care providers in partner interviewing, follow up, notification, and referral techniques; and
  • provision of information, technical assistance, and other capacity building services to medical and other health service providers, as well as educators and members of the public.

Clinical services for STD are delivered through public and private providers in communities statewide, including Public Health Nursing Health Centers. The Municipality of Anchorage is also funded by the HIV/STD Program to assist Anchorage medical providers and patients with interviewing for sexual partners and partner follow up services.

A number of other key resources are available online: