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​As part of our 5 year plan, we have a goal for Healthcare. Alaskans with disabilities will have greater access to needed health care services that will improve their quality of life.

  • Increase access to knowledge and education on health promotion, safety, and/or emergency preparedness for individuals with disabilities.
  • Increase the number of individuals aging with I/DDs that have appropriate support systems in place through collaboration with partners.

Some activities from this goal include:​

Disability and Aging Summit

“The goal of the Aging Summit is to further discuss the national and state trends regarding the aging population to include individuals with intellectual disabilities and how it relates to Alaska,"

Click here for more information and to register​.

Inclusive Play

“No child should have to sit on the sidelines and watch their peers play. Anchorage Park Foundation works with our community to plan and develop even more accessible playgrounds in the Anchorage Bowl."

The council is part of the inclusive play committee. The Council partnered with the Teddy Bear Picnic for 2016 & 2017 and co-hosted an inclusive playdate for 2018. Click here for more information from Anchorage Park Foundation.​​

To keep up to date on health and disability news articles, opportunities, and information in Alaska – follow the GCDSE Facebook page !

For more information: Call us at 907-269-8992 or