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Check to see if you have good medication habits. Print and take it with you to your next doctor's appointment!

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Protect your future.
Take your medicine as directed.

Most Americans — 75%! — don't take their medicine correctly,
which means unnecessary hospital visits and health care bills.

This site has tips on taking medicine correctly to help you avoid health problems.

You're invited to play the Alaska success stories below, fill out the Med Check, and explore the other buttons.

Alaska Success Stories

Alaskans share stories of how they improved their medication habits.

Video clip-Asking question is good medicine.Video clip-Did I take my medication this morning? 

Video clip-Got pills? Lots! Tips for dealing with complicated medication schedules.Video clip-Medication can help keep you active.

1. Dispensers are indispensible: You’ll be able to see whether you’ve taken your medication for the day, so you don’t miss a med or accidentally take it twice.

2. Ask questions: By asking what each medication was for, Sidney Smith whittled 13 prescriptions down to four.

3. Plan ahead: This retired music teacher fills out six weeks of dispensers at a time, so he can see when he’s going to run out of a medication. Then he has plenty of time to order a refill.

4. Financial help is available: Nancy Jamieson loves being active, but pain was slowing her down. She found a medication that helped, but it was very expensive. Fortunately, programs can help cover prescription costs. (And generics are safe and effective. Ask if one is an option for you!)

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