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5. Asking questions, getting more information

So one thing Mrs. Nelson can do to prevent medicine mistakes is go through the Med Check list;
A second thing is to fill out a personal medicine list and take it with her to her providers;

      What’s a third important thing Mrs. Nelson can do? Something very basic.

Let’s look at this fact sheet of questions she might have asked.

If we ask Question 1 –the name of the medicine, and whether it’s the brand name or the generic…

      What would we do with this info?

In Question 2, when we ask if there is a generic version…

      What are we really getting at?

Let’s look at Question 4 – Is there something you shouldn’t eat or drink or other medicine you shouldn’t take when you take this medicine…

    If we want to take a supplement, or if we like grapefruit juice, that might be just fine, and NOT cause problems with our medication –
    but we’ve learned that it’s something we should ask about.

    Doctor’s appointments can be rushed, and we may forget to ask...
    To help you remember, you can print and take the list of questions with you.

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