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6. Asking questions, getting more information

This class has covered a lot of material. It’s great to know all this, but we will need to put it into action if we are really going to be an active member of our health care team.

Print or read My Plan

This is a place to write down

      • WHY you want to manage your medicines,
      • and ONE STEP you will take to prevent mistakes.

For the first line, think of a reason to be careful with your medicines — a reason to protect your health into the future. You can fill this in later if you can’t think of something right now, or you can add more reasons later.

For some inspiration, you could visit

On the second line, list a step you will take to manage your medicines. This is what you’re willing to do to protect your health.

Make sure it is something practical and not too hard to do – so you will do it.


And that’s the Alaska Med Ed class!

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about this important issue.

In the weeks and months to come, we hope you feel confident about taking your medicines as directed.

If you have more questions, your health care provider and pharmacist are the best sources of answers.

We hope the Alaska Medication Education website is also helpful.

Do you have comments or questions for us? If so, please email us.

Please share what you’ve learned with others, and please let them know about this website!

      Take care, the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services

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