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Medicaid Renewals Partner Toolkit

On this page:

Please share this information:

  • In-person, using the script to start face-to-face conversations (consider your staff that are greeting or checking in your customers)
  • Online, by embedding the QR codes in your own organic communications channels, such as newsletters, blogs or other regular communications
  • Via email or online, by sharing the digital poster files (PDFs)
  • At your location, by printing and posting the flyers
  • On the go, by printing and sharing the wallet-sized cards
Our goal is to ensure every eligible Alaskan knows what to do and takes action to stay covered.


Get ready to renew Flyer, thumbnailGet Ready to Renew!
5 things you need to know about your Medicaid Renewal

QR Codes

Use these on your outreach materials to easily direct recipients to update their contact information online.

Click for full-resolution versions:


Business Cards

Medicaid Renewals Business Cards thumbnailMedicaid Renewals Business Cards
Set to print 10 to a page

Social Media

(Click thumbnails for full-size images.)

I moved since I last renewed. What do I do?Moving is a hectic time! Packing up your furniture, changing your address, and turning in your old keys!

Don’t forget to update your address with Medicaid to your to-do list! Simply fill out this form and you are up to date!
    Even if I don't update my contact info, I'm still covered, right?Medicaid renewal can be a confusing time. If you aren’t sure if your contact information is up to date, it is always better to double check!

    To ensure your contact information for Medicaid is up to date, fill out the form by clicking here,